Partnership between Instituto Cultural Vale and MuCA extends to the entire Tapajós Valley

The Instituto Cultural Vale has established a sponsorship with MuCA in a way to positively impact the entire Tapajós Valley, creating a cooperation of immense social transformation in the region. The institution is the cultural branch of Vale, a global leader in logistics and mining, and constantly works to achieve high standards of governance, environmental preservation, and sustainable income generation chains. Today, the company operates in 20 countries and is a worldwide reference in economic growth and operations that preserve nature.

With this extended partnership, our museum has the opportunity to put into practice one of its pillars: being a bridge between the forest and the private sector, placing the communities of the Amazon as protagonists. Additionally, the opportunity arises for both initiatives to root and disseminate their shared missions, such as implementing ESG practices where they are most needed and preserving the history, forests, and traditional peoples of the country.

This is a way to perpetuate the immense legacy of the Amazon and showcase its biodiverse, healing, and bioeconomic potential to the world. MuCA celebrates this partnership and expresses gratitude to the Vale team for their trust in our work and, furthermore, in our life purpose and transformation.