MuCA puts the ESG pillars into practice and opens opportunities for the private sector in the Amazon

The economic logic of the globalized market placed sustainable development in the center of the agenda of companies, entities and countries. In recent years and more especially during the pandemic, the appreciation of social performance and governance consolidated one of today’s main pillars, through the implementation of ESG criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance). This practice sets parameters and helps manage the performance of companies and governments to reduce their environmental impact, contribute to a fairer world and ensure positive effects for society.

The presence of MuCA in the Amazon represents the beginning of a practical approach to ESG in the territory with the greatest biodiversity in the world. We seek to implement sustainable management of the forest based on actions from a focused practice on the valorization of its natural attributes and on the preservation of the existing resources. We develop and put into practice actions to raise awareness and protect species of fauna and flora, especially those endangered. We produce and disseminate knowledge as an essential tool for nature conservation, placing education and scientific knowledge as strategies for a more prosperous, equal and sustainable future.

We support the fight against deforestation, the restoration of degraded areas and reforestation. We contribute to the balance of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, warning about the proper care of rivers and soil management. We encourage the rational use of energy and the correct waste treatment. We want to ensure healthy conditions for the biome’s evolution while addressing concerns about global water security.

MuCA is also a potential leader in facing the climate crisis, as our actions reinforce the importance of containing global warming. We warn about the urgency to create and implement responses and mitigate the risks of climate catastrophes, which demand resilience and capacity to adapt to new times.

We establish a solid relationship with local communities based on respect and empathy. We encourage the development of skills, seeking individual and collective development opportunities that enable employment and income generation. We value the protection of Human Rights and equal treatment, working to prevent situations of discrimination.

We act with transparency and ethics based on a strict control of conduct and procedures. We greatly appreciate the sincere and respectful dialogue we maintain with investors, the community and the general public. We seek to generate value and benefits beyond economic results, prioritizing sustainability linked to human, natural, social and financial capital.

We believe that only an integrated and balanced initiative between different spheres can amplify the positive impacts and thus ensure that sustainable development reaches its full potential.