MuCA prepares special programming in celebration of Belterra’s anniversary

On May 4th, to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the city of Belterra, MuCA in partnership with Sebrae and Sebrae Pará prepared a special program open to the public, which will feature lectures, classes and moments of healing and connection with body and nature.

The events will start with the presentation of a project to characterize the native fauna of Flona Tapajós, which will be led by Professor Elaine Oliveira. The presentation will take place from 9 am to 12 pm at the MuCA Teaching Laboratory, with a coffee break.

At 3 pm, MuCA welcomes nutritionist and vegan activist Alessandra Luglio, an authority on healing the body through food, for a lecture. With the theme “Impacts of Consumption of Products of Animal Origin and Presentation of Vegan Diet and its Benefits”, the event will also feature a coffee break.

MuCA, for its positive impact actions and connection with the region, takes part in the date to celebrate the history of Belterra and to show the world the full potential of the forest and the Amazonian peoples, whether in the sustainable generation of income, in the production of bioinputs or in the development of scientific solutions that benefit all of society. Come visit us and celebrate the anniversary of this vibrant and transforming city!