MuCA plans to implement two more Agroforestry Backyards in alliance local communities

After the first Agroforestry Backyard was implemented, it is time to expand our project!

On 01/05,  MuCA and Flona Tapajós teams met to organize the implementation of new Yards, mobilizing the local community. During the meeting, the group discussed possible locations to host the project, which is carried out together with land management workshops offered by the partner Polo Sebrae de Bioeconomia.

In recent days, our team carried out a technical visit to the communities of São Domingos and Maguari, in the Tapajós National Forest, in the municipality of Belterra. The purpose of the visit was to assess whether the land discussed with Flona Tapajós could give continuity to the project, generating income and bioinputs and, at the same time, not causing any damage to the native vegetation of the Amazon.

The Agroforestry Backyards are an initiative of MuCA together with Sebrae and Sebrae do Pará, offering training in the areas of bioeconomy, cultivation and plantation rotation. As a result, the project mobilizes young people and the community in general to learn how to generate sustainable income, respecting the cycles of nature.