MuCA offers Yoga and integrative medicine classes to the community of Alter do Chão, PA

In March, the first yoga and ayurveda group had their first classes at MuCA. The initiative is part of a project to develop the museum’s integrative medicine area, which seeks to enhance traditional health and body care practices. The classes also have the support of Sebrae and Sebrae do Pará, and are aimed at women who live in the community of Alter do Chão.

“The method originates from the Indian Paramparā tradition, which is the knowledge transmitted from the teacher to the student, that is, knowledge based on practical and direct experience”, explains Bruna Ferreira, from Projeto Aya Amazônia, the teacher in charge. The practices were created in India over 5,000 years ago and have been spreading around the world as a way to connect with our body and nature around us, practicing harmony, gratitude and peace.