MuCA is the protagonist of an article in Robb Report, lifestyle and architecture magazine

The Museum of Amazon Science was the subject of the article “Technological Forest”, published in the magazine Robb Report Brasil. The report features speeches by Camila Farnezi, director of Amyris Clean Beauty in Latin America, who guides the reader through the values and concrete actions of the museum’s positive impact, whether in education, research or processing of bioinputs aimed at industry.

In the interview with Robb Report, Camila says that MuCA is consolidating itself as a platform of opportunities for the private sector to act sustainably in the territory with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. ‘It is clear that we can and must combine environmental conservation and economic prosperity. And there is no better place on the planet to test the capacity of this industry and protect our natural resources than the Amazon”, says Camila.

Amyris Clean Beauty is a group that brings together major sustainable beauty brands, such as Biossance, Costa Brazil and Rose Inc. Amyris is a long-lasting partner of MuCA in the preservation of the forest and biodiversity, encouraging the production of bioinputs and consequent income generation in the region, implementing ESG where it most needs to happen.