MuCA houses the first Advanced Jungle Laboratory in the country and leads unprecedented studies in partnership with Biotec Amazônia

The Amazon Science Museum is the link between science, public authorities, civil society and private initiative, joining all of them under the same effort to create new ways to innovate, boost bioeconomy and develop the local community’s full potential. MuCA will have the first Advanced Jungle Laboratory in the Amazon, which will lead studies with animals, plants and microorganisms of high biological relevance for the development of wild foods, biocosmetics and phytopharmaceuticals. The research is the result of a partnership with Biotec Amazônia – a private law association, qualified by the Pará State Government as a Social Organization to promote the sustainable use of state and regional biodiversity. 

Through the application of scientific methods, the laboratory will validate the best practices to be adopted by the market and contribute to the formulation of a native components menu to be used by the industry. Today, there are already 100 components in advanced studies that will be presented in forums, meetings and workshops held by MuCA. The aim is to attract the industry and establish an unprecedented relationship with the private sector for the sustainable development of new therapies and preventions – straight from the forest to the consumer. 

MuCA seeks to rescue the competitive advantages of the Amazon, since over the years the forest has been left aside – which, in turn, allowed the multiplication of monocultures, mining activities and the Manaus Industrial Pole. By betting on productivity based on the dynamism of companies, valuing biodiversity and respecting the environment to expand the range of products, the production capacity and export items in this area so strategic to Brazil.