MuCa hosts the event Bioeconomia & Abelhas in Western Pará

MuCA hosts the event Bioeconomia & Abelhas in the West of Pará, with the participation of Embrapa Amazônia Oriental and the support of the NAPT Médio Amazonas. The meeting, which brought together managers and professionals from important entities and organizations around the country, enabled the creation of governance groups in Pará in meliponiculture, as well as the dissemination of good management and production practices. It also allowed the exchange of experiences and the legalization of activities to strengthen the production chain of honey.

During the meeting, the platform Infobee was introduced: a software that brings together technological, economic and market services and information so that meliponiculture workers, beekeepers and technicians can learn about good management practices and adopt them. 

In order to  strength the representation of western Paraná in the honey production chain and as well to prospect opportunities for the region in the theme of ​​social bees, the meeting also had the presence of the City Hall, AME Association, Federal University of Western Pará (UFOPA ),  IPAM Amazônia and EMATER.