Le Cordon Bleu Amazônia: MuCA, Le Cordon Bleu Brasil and Casa do Saulo team up to implement the project

Le Cordon Bleu Brasil, an internationally renowned French culinary school, and MuCA partnered up to start the Le Cordon Bleu Amazônia project. The project will take place in Casa 1, equipment that is located within the architectural complex of Vila Americana. Revitalized by Studio Arthur Casas, the Village also has a guesthouse and Science Museum.

The project will have a partnership with the restaurant Casa do Saulo – Tapajós, led by chef Saulo Jennings and twice elected the best restaurant in Brazil’s north region by Prazeres da Mesa magazine. Inspirali Educação will also be part of the project, managed by the Ânima Educação group, both institutions that represent a national reference in teaching and innovative methodologies, from basic to higher education and professionalization.

With the partnerships, MuCA will bring to Amazon the opportunity to create community restaurants trained to use local ingredients from the Tapajós food culture, presented with techniques that can generate more value. It represents the union between traditional knowledge and haute cuisine and is also a way of explaining the strength that this ancestral territory had in the past with the domestication of this biodiversity.

Having a Le Cordon Bleu headquarters in the Amazon, attracting chefs from all over the world to discover this wealth of pancs, mushrooms, extracts and aromas is of unprecedented importance.

Le Cordon Bleu was founded in 1895, in Paris, and since then it has trained more than 20,000 students a year in the art of refined Parisian cuisine. Today, the institute is present in more than 20 countries with international recognition and provides courses on the most diverse topics within the area of gastronomy, hospitality and tourism, in addition to providing consultancy and establishing partnerships with universities, governments and culinary associations around the world.