Health Tourism in Belterra combines superfoods and leisure activities with ancestral therapies along the banks of the Tapajós River.

The Amazon-specialized tour operator, MAD Experience, unveils a new portfolio of options for those seeking to experience the most incredible biome on planet Earth while nurturing both body and mind. In partnership with native communities of the Lower Amazon, distinct experiences of varying duration and scope have been crafted to provide an integrated and regenerative immersion in the Belterra region of Pará, part of the Tapajós National Forest.

For this purpose, a forest-based dietary protocol has been created, based on Amazonian biodiversity, merging biodiversity and fine gastronomy using locally cultivated nutritious and healthy items. This care is complemented by excursions and expeditions for in-depth and comprehensive contact with the region’s specificities, alongside activities focused on well-being and balance such as massages, yoga, and revitalizing therapies by the riverbanks. Additionally, there are sports and adventure activities including river exploration, forest trails, beach tennis, stand-up paddleboarding, Hawaiian canoeing, swimming, and diving.

“It was all designed to blend ancestral teachings from the forest with knowledge based on science, promoting Healing Tourism in stunning scenarios of lush vegetation, and paradisiacal beaches and islands formed along the Tapajós River,” says Luiz Felipe Moura, director of MAD4X. To enhance the experience and promote detoxification and energetic rebalancing, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed during the stay in Belterra.

The dietary protocols are in partnership with the superfood company, MAD4life, utilizing fruits, vegetables, and greens grown in the local black earth, the only soil type capable of transporting phytochemicals and minerals to the human body. Snacks and meals include detox shots, açaí shakes, tapiocas, and various appetizers. Main courses feature specialties such as black rice with pirarucu fish, quinoa grown in agroforestry models, and dishes with spirulina pesto. Among the gastronomic attractions on the itinerary is a visit to Saulo’s House, chef Saulo Jennings Simões’ restaurant, offering an immersion in Tapajó cuisine and the rivers of Pará’s Amazon with unforgettable delicacies.

MAD4X’s program can be booked in both Day Use format, with attractions extending throughout the day, and Full format, with transfers between the airport and the lodging site and also to the pier, in a private manner.

In this mode, visitors stay in the Alter Village, composed of only six reforested wooden bungalows, each with a hammock on the veranda and a unique design that combines contemporary elements with riverside architecture.

Both modalities offer visits to MuCA, one of the most sought-after destinations on the itinerary. Housed in the former American Village built by the Ford Motor Company in 1934, it houses the world’s first jungle laboratory and holds a natural collection resulting from over 15 years of species collection, forming a biological heritage that serves as the basis for the activities of various bioeconomy companies.

Visitors can take a bicycle tour through the historic village and sample creations from the Tea House, which uses species cultivated on-site to create different flavors for each visitor. The Tea House is sponsored by the Vale Cultural Institute, which also sponsors MuCA and has just been inaugurated.