Get to know MUCA’s new Architectural Complex, now in the final implementation phase

MuCA is located in Vila Americana, in Belterra, Pará, a place full of history and with a past of innovation. In the 1930s, the city was home to a Henry Ford factory, the aim of which was to accommodate his factory workers and replicate his hometown in the United States. Even in the last century, the original mission was left behind, but left behind a large and preserved structure, which today is home to the MuCA Architectural Complex.

Our complex brings together research and education equipment, as well as hospitality and haute cuisine, combining ecotourism experiences with scientific research and production of bioinputs, with the objective of cultivating a sustainable economic ecosystem in the region. The inn and institutional buildings were designed in partnership with Studio Arthur Casas, aiming at efficiency in sustainability and total integration with the surrounding nature.

To accommodate the natural science collections of the MuCA, assembled over 15 years by the Butantã Institute, the exhibition project by Marko Brajovic values the organic traits of the forest and indigenous graphics, whether on the walls, floors or furniture. Casa 1, our specialized gastronomy equipment, is the result of a partnership with Le Cordon Bleu Brasil and Restaurante Casa do Saulo, which has already been considered the best restaurant in the North region of Brazil by Prazeres da Mesa magazine. Combining the best of Brazilian and international gastronomy, MuCA stands as a new outstanding point in ecotourism, acting as a bridge between the peoples of the Amazon and the world.