Vila Americana architectural complex, in Belterra, is being revitalized by Studio Arthur Casas

A large water tank marks the beginning of the so-called Vila Americana, in Belterra, Pará, as well as the trajectory of MuCA. The structure was the first to be built by the american automobile manufacturing company Ford in 1934, which intended to build an industrial hub in the country. The factory was abandoned in 1945 and the city left behind. By taking over the region’s concession, the organization Ama Brasil, with the support of BNDES, is revitalizing the buildings and structures of the historic city – listed by the National Historical Heritage Institute (IPHAN). The water tank is already in operation, supplying the local population. 

The architect responsible for the revitalization project for the city’s architectural complex is Arthur Casas, from Studio Arthur Casas. In final phase of construction, Casa 1, originally built for Henry Ford, is being transformed into the Tapajônica Food Culture Center, in partnership with Casa do Saulo – an award-winning restaurant that offers dishes with regional ingredients signed by chef Marc Saulo Jennings Simões. There, local entrepreneurs will be trained and the diversity of Amazonian cuisine will be celebrated. 

Casa 3 will host a guest residence equipped with a living room, kitchen, swimming pool and two suites. There will also be a hospitality complex – all designed by Studio Arthur Casas –, with a hotel with 12 suites, a guesthouse with 6 suites and bungalows. The accommodation structure also includes decks, bar, restaurant and a living area on the banks of the Tapajós River. Casas also signs the furniture and support spaces, such as the school focused on sustainability, the administrative village and the auditorium, with chairs specially designed for the location. 

Scheduled to inaugurate in October, the Amazon Science Museum will complete Vila Americana’s architectural, educational and cultural legacy. The complex has a structure designed by architect Gino Caldatto Barbosa and interiors designed by Studio Arthur Casas.