MuCA’s Laboratory: ambassadors and scientists conduct the first experiments

On April 11, MuCA team ambassadors Janyne Rafaely Lemos Santos and Higor Mascarenha Araujo conducted the first experiments in the MuCA’s Quality Control laboratory. The purpose of the procedure was to test and assess the new devices that will integrate our scientific equipment, an important step in the development of MuCA as a jungle laboratory, specialized in bioinputs and a bridge between the forest, ancestral knowledge and industry.

During the tests, ambassadors produced capsules of turmeric, a condiment and remedy widely used in Ayurveda medicine for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, among many others. They had the guidance of scientists Dr. Leomara Andrade, Dr. Elenn Aranha and Dr. Rosa Mourão, the latter who is also part of the MuCA team of scientists.

These preliminary actions are essential for the proper functioning of our laboratory, and function at the same time as learning and training for our ambassadors and as a wide range of scientific possibilities for our team of scientists, who have at hand quality equipment and resources as well as all of the Amazonian biodiversity.