MuCA stars in an article from Wallpaper, one of the largest magazines in the world

Entitled “The Museum of Amazonian Science offers global hope and sustainability”, the article about MuCA in Wallpaper Magazine was published in the May 2023 edition of the magazine, and also in its Web site. The article was authored by architecture and lifestyle journalist Scott Mitchem and illustrated with photographs by Brazilian artist Maíra Acayaba, and tells the trajectory of the museum from its conception to implementation.

Throughout the article, it is possible to get to know in depth the new infrastructure being installed in Vila Americana, comprising the Conjunto Arquitetônico revitalized by Studio Arthur Casas, Casa 1, the museum with an exhibition project by Marko Brajovic and much more. Months earlier, MuCA received a visit from Scott and Maíra to produce content and photos for the report, an opportunity in which both journalists were able to get to know the Museum’s premises and also the region of Belterra, PA.

Wallpaper magazine is one of the largest and most relevant publications in the world, covering topics such as architecture, design, lifestyle, technology, travel and much more. Published in England since 1996, the magazine has evolved into a multimedia content agency to spread creativity and inspiration to readers across the globe.

MuCA thanks Wallpaper for the opportunity to take the Amazon to the world, amplifying our mission to preserve the environment, promote the bioeconomy and promote the healing of people, animals and the planet as a whole.