MuCA invites Alessandra Luglio to Belterra’s 89th anniversary special program

On the 89th anniversary of Belterra, home of MuCA, in partnership with the Sebrae do Pará Bioeconomy Hub, the museum invited Alessandra Luglio to a talk about the “Impacts of Consumption of Products of Animal Origin and Presentation of a Vegan Diet and its Benefits” . Starting from our project under implementation, the Agroforestry Yards, Alessandra highlighted the full potential of bioinputs, especially within the vegan universe.

Veganism is a lifestyle and diet that follows the flow of nature and has been gaining more and more followers in Brazil and around the world. This public, highly engaged with the preservation of the planet, is willing to invest in these inputs, with the possibility of exporting to international markets, such as the USA and Europe.

With all this knowledge, the Amazonian youth has the potential to become an enterprising generation that promotes healing to the planet, adding to the world more nutritious food, more sustainable raw materials and people more connected to nature.