MuCA hosts visit of professors from UFOPA – Federal University of Western Pará

A team made up of 40 professors from the Federal University of Western Pará visited the Museum of Amazonian Sciences – MuCA, located in Belterra. This visit was the first step towards building a technical-scientific partnership between the museum and the university, which has already begun with the Missão Amazônia project. On the occasion, MuCA and UFOPA teamed up with partners Inspirali Educação, ICMBio and the Flona Communities Federation for practical immersion and medical assistance to the Tapajós riverside communities.

Now, the museum and university are seeking to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, innovation, technology and traditional practices for protecting the Amazon. Today, UFOPA is one of the few free and excellent teaching centers closest to the forest, admitting students from different regions of the country, ethnicities and income ranges, which contributes to the construction of comprehensive and inclusive knowledge.

The agreement between entities reaffirms the importance of integrating the forest and the academic environment, contributing to the study of everything that nature has to offer: from the traditions of native peoples to the great biodiversity that can be converted into technology and innovation.