MuCA hosts Sebrae visit to seal new partnerships

The Museum of Sciences of the Amazon (MuCA) hosted a technical visit from Sebrae and Sebrae do Pará, private organizations dedicated to the promotion and support of micro companies in Brazil. The visit, which was accompanied by a special lunch with the museum’s ambassadors, aligned goals and objectives to seal new partnerships between the entities.

One of the actions discussed was the formation of a partnership to encourage forestry entrepreneurship, with a focus on high value-added economies, encouraging the manufacture of bioinputs by extractive communities. This partnership would be implemented through the Quintais Agroflorestais project, led by MuCA and based on Agroforestry Systems.

Presenting themselves as more sustainable and economically advantageous cultivation methods, Agroforestry Systems combine trees and native species with other types of cultivation – in the case of our Yards, with everyday food. The great gain obtained with this mixed cultivation is the preservation of the forest, while providing quality food and stimulating a sustainable production chain, since it is also possible to cultivate species of great added value for the industry, such as bio-inputs, which was proposed by Sebrae.

Thus, MuCA and Sebrae seek to awaken the bioeconomy in the Amazon region, encouraging and proposing tools for native communities to practice “ESG Native”.