MuCA hosts MAD’s visit, an company of forest products and biocosmetics

MuCA was visited by MAD staff, a company that is a partner to the Museum and active in the biotechnology market. With a focus on research, sustainable extraction and processing of forest products, MAD also encourages regenerative and non-invasive agriculture in the Amazon.

This production method, which pays attention to the rhythms of the forest, combines knowledge and innovation, using ancestral indigenous techniques for extracting and cultivating actives. In addition, MAD exclusively hires local labor: of the company’s 20 employees, 60% are indigenous and occupy leadership positions in the organization.

Following its commitment to stimulating the bioeconomy and generating income in local communities in the Amazon, MAD only acquires assets sold by small producers in the region. Founded in 2017, MAD is also located in Belterra, Pará, and follows a holistic approach to health and well-being, dedicating itself to delivering products that contribute to both physical and mental performance improvement.

With the visit, MAD and MuCA strengthened relations and promoted the exchange of knowledge and experiences between our ambassadors and company employees, in order to collaborate with the movement of the local bioeconomy.