MuCA hosts a visit from Francisco Costa, founder of Costa Brazil

MuCA was visited by Francisco Costa, a world-renowned stylist and founder of the sustainable beauty line Costa Brazil. Costa Brazil is a longtime partner of the museum, working on the development of products that nourish skin and hair, in addition to benefiting nature and creating a chain of positive impact in the Amazon region.

Like Costa Brazil, Biossance – and its Brazilian branch, Biossance Brasil –, a brand of biotechnology cosmetics and beauty products, is also a supporter of MuCA in promoting the bioeconomy in the Amazon. Both are part of Amyris, a North American biotechnology conglomerate known for ethically, naturally and sustainably producing bio-identical ingredients from Brazilian sugarcane.

The partnerships are an opportunity for MuCA to exercise one of its vital pillars: connecting the forest, healing and ancestral knowledge to private initiative, showing the Amazon’s economic and nutritional potential to the world, whether for the body, the mind or the planet.