MuCA attends the COP 27

MuCA will be present at the 27th edition of the COP – United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change to present its innovative proposals in sustainability, technology and social responsibility. During the event, the inauguration of the museum was announced, which has been designed and equipped to receive the general public. The event, which took place in Egypt, lasted eight days and included lectures, actions and the signing of agreements.

The COP, United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, annually brings together world leaders to discuss actions to contain global warming, in addition to other forms of nature preservation. In previous conferences, such as COP 3 and COP 21, important international agreements on climate guidelines were signed, which involved several countries and are a reference for natural preservation to this day. The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, for example, defined a reduction of at least 50% in greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year, COP 26 was also remarkable: the terms for negotiating carbon credits – financial incentive for countries like Brazil to preserve their forests and green areas – were finally set. Held in Glasgow, Scotland, it also marked MuCA’s first participation in a COP. In 2022, MuCA attended the event again, confirming its importance and commitment to environmental preservation.