MuCA and Sebrae team up to implement new Agroforestry Yards, documented on video

The Agroforestry Yards workshops, an initiative of both MuCA and the Bioeconomy Hub of Sebrae and Sebrae do Pará, are already being taught and, as a result, the first units of Yards are being implemented in the Amazon. The project includes classes by Professor Marcelo Pereira and engages young people from the local community, who will be able to replicate the crops based on the knowledge acquired. After the first experience in Lindalva Gomes’ backyard, the MuCA and Flona Tapajós teams are already mobilizing to expand the project and create a wave of positive impact and sustainable income generation in the region.

During the workshops, Professor Marcelo Pereira explains the working logic of the Yards and their correct handling and cultivation, from sowing, nutrition, pruning to harvesting. During the classes, the community becomes familiar with composting, fertilization and crop rotation techniques, knowledge which has great potential for generating income in the region.

Bioeconomy, the main objective encouraged by the Sebrae Bioeconomy Hub, studies the different ways in which income can increase while preserving the environment, stimulating biodiversity and protecting the traditional knowledge of forest peoples.