Missão Amazônia project receives support from MuCA and mobilizes medical students to serve local communities

Between the 3rd and 7th of October 2022, the Missão Amazônia project brought together 30 students and 10 professors from the Medicine program at UFOPA – Federal University of Western Pará for an immersion in the practice of medicine integrated with knowledge of the environment. The action is part of the Inspirali Educação group with institutional support from MuCA, alongside ICMBio and the Federation of Flona Communities.

“Today it is not possible to learn medicine and not consider the tripod of animal health, environmental health and human health. When these three items lose harmony between them, we trigger a process of diseases such as pandemics, for example”, explains Lena Perez, director of teacher training and development.

On board the Aboré vessel, the first phase of the mission included preparing the team to start providing medical assistance to the communities along the Tapajós River. The process was featured in a report in the newscast Bom Dia Tapajós, on TV Globo.

Throughout the week, UFOPA students and professors who were part of the Missão Amazônia also participated in a series of lectures and conversation circles with professionals from the region, such as the greatest indigenous midwife from Aldeia do Zaire, Dona Eni, and also the award-winning chef Saulo Jennings, entrepreneur at the head of the Casa do Saulo restaurant, also a MuCA partner.