Ministry of Environment releases book on native species of economic value and potential in the North Region of Brazil

The Brazilian Ministry of Environment has just released a book titled “Native Species of Brazilian Flora of Current or Potential Economic Value”, the fourth book in a Biodiversity series.

The book compiles more than 150 native species of the North Region that can be used sustainably in the production of food, medicines, essences, oils, condiments, dyes, fibers, among other purposes. Its production had the collaboration of researchers, companies, research institutions and national and foreign NGOs.

The publication also seeks to disseminate and expand the sustainable use of Amazonian species in Brazilian gastronomy, as well as increase interest in research and plant genetic improvement programs. It also aims to create production and value chains for fruit and medicinal plants.

The sustainable use of native species contributes to biodiversity conservation while generating jobs, income, development and benefits in the production chain, as well as generates  value for the standing forest.

The book is available free of charges in digital version on the Ministry of the Environment website.