MuCA is featured on O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper

Amazon Science Museum was featured on the Sustainability section of the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. The report explores the transformations that MuCA will bring to the Belterra region – a city created by Henry Ford for rubber extraction in the 1930s and that was abandoned decades later –, boosting research, bioeconomy and local tourism. Check out some excerpts of the article:

Installed in the middle of the Amazon and at the shore of the Tapajós River, the museum will not only house collections of Amazonian fauna and flora, but will also have participation of the Federal University of West Pará for studies of animals, plants and microorganisms. "It will be the first advanced laboratory in the jungle" says general coordinator Luiz Felipe Moura.

"Valuing bioeconomy chains and generating income for the local population are also in focus. The certification of products and the connection with the industry will be other tasks of the museum. Director for Latin America at Biossance, a biotechnology and cosmetics company, partner of the project, Camila Farnezi, says that the forest’s potential can be harnessed without scale extraction, with the reproduction of bioidentical molecules from local plants."

The installation of MuCA foresees the renovation of houses in the surroundings, such as the one built for the founder of Ford and which will house a center of tapajonic food culture. The restoration project is signed by Studio Arthur Casas "I saw great tourist potential there", says Casas. "We want to show that the standing forest is worth much more than soy”.

"This is where answers will come from for problems such as diseases that may arise and that already exist", highlights Diogo Noronha, one of the ambassadors of MuCA. "The Amazon is the center of the world," he adds.